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The Rudraksha

Legend has it that a long time ago Lord Shiva fell into deep meditation for many years, praying for the welfare of all living creatures. On opening his eyes, divine tears of compassion fell to the ground. As his tears touched the earth, they took the form of seeds, which later became Rudraksha trees. Since then, Rudrakshas are worshipped and believed to protect their possessor with healing powers.

The heart and centrepiece of the Monsieur Merkli lapel flower is the Rudraksha. The seed is produced by the evergreen Elaeocarpus ganitrus, which is common in Nepal, India and Indonesia. The name Rudraksha is derived from Hindu mythology and refers to Lord Shiva (Rudra) and teardrops (Aksha).

The Flower

The finely carved out flower is made of high quality leather. Its texture and colour harmonize perfectly with the Rudraksha. The smooth backside of the leather ornament provides enough strength, while the front side of the flower resembles full-grain leather.


The Braided Leather Cord

The art of braiding dates back to the dawn of mankind and is one of the oldest crafts in the world. Wearing such a piece of fine craftsmanship in our modern time is a beautiful reminder of the era of hunters and gatherers. The braided leather cord connects the lapel with the breast pocket. It has a rustic, antique character and symbolizes the stem of a flower.

The Stainless Steel Cap with Hook 

Attach your eyeglass holder, a pocket square, keys or a classic pocket watch to the snap hook on the stainless steel cap and turn the Monsieur Merkli lapel flower into a multifunctional accessory. In order to ensure high stability, the cap and the snap hook on the end of the chord are made of hardened, stainless steel with a particularly high purity.

The Eyeglass Holder 

The Monsieur Merkli lapel flower comes with a unique eyeglass holder that is made of a silver bead with a black elastic rubber loop. Connect the eyeglass holder to the lapel flower using the snap hook on the end of the cord and pull the temple of your glasses through the rubber loop. This way you can secure your glasses in arguably one of the most elegant ways.